Munenori Okada
岡田 宗徳 Munenori Okada

I am an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists in America
After entering SAA in 2003, I have painted animal which are in danger of dying out in Japan for protection of wildlife.


Tsubaki 2014
Tsushima Leopard Cat Yanbaru
Okinawa Rail 2014


Accepted Artworks In America

May 2009 America
The 49th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists Yanbaru
May 2011 America
The 51th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists Find

Introduction of new work

I put a little bit of flavor of the monochrome ink painting here. 「Moonlight」2015
The theme of this painting is a pheasant.
I painted this pheasant as phoenix, the symbol of revival.
My great benefactor’s child, who got into an accident, is now going through
many surgeries to survive.
Thus every single stroke in this painting is my pray for his recovery.

My Activity

I am sometimes interviewed for my activity by TV or newspaper.

my activity


Contact usFrom now on, I would like to drawing pictures of endangered animals all over the world.

Contact us

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